Masterchef Australia Recap S10e57 Tuesday Night


Welcome to the Tuesday Night Masterchef Australia Recap. Tonight's episode sees the top four, Sashi, Ben, Jess and Khanh cooking for a HUGE advantage in the competition.




Sashi and Khanh are cooking against each other and making Summer dishes.
Jess and Ben are cooking against each other and making Winter dishes.




Khanh laughs when he pulls his knife because he is always paired with Sashi. LOL.




Sashi is making fish with fennel and tomatoes.




Jess is making a PB and J Opera Cake







Khanh is making a dish inspired by the summer party and drinks by the pool.




Ben is making squid ink pasta and serve them in crab shell bowls.



Jess and Khanh lose and Ben and Sashi are cooking against each other in round two.






They love Ben's dish and again Gary tells them they are simple folk who like simple food.



Round Two: Sashi V Ben

Ben cooks fish and Sashi cooks lamb. They all cook carrots.







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