An Ode To Winter


It's time to space bag the doona suit because winter is over. Eight months ago when Gareth and I arrived in Scotland it was -8 C,  so this Melbourne Winter hasn't felt too cold. Add to that a new place that often doesn'....

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It's Always Time For Gin And Tonic


Gareth and I would call ourselves connoisseurs of gin. It started many moons ago when Gareth would go to New Zealand every few months and get duty free Bombay Sapphire. Starting out on good gin means I don't much like anythi....

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Does Your Dad Rock?


The other night we were at the Cornish Arms in Brunswick and it was open mic night. A leather clad couple in their 50s got up and played a few songs together and it made me think of this card. They played some Nancy Sinatra ....

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Father's Day


Father's Day is only a few weekends away and we have been working on some new Father's Day cards for the special occasion. We have a whole range on our Etsy Shop and we try and have a range to appeal to lots of different Dad....

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The Triumphs Of Family Life


Day two of our guest post is over at The Design Files and is all about family life. I drew the picture above and was rather proud of the likeness the lady on the couch has to my Mum. I told her she was going to be featured o....

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Guest Blogging On The Design Files


This week we are very excited to be guest blogging over at The Design Files. We are following up from two great Melbourne Indy Designers, Emily Green and Betty Jo. The theme of the week is the trials and triumphs of life and....

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