We keep getting requests for more ages with our ha ha ha cards. They started off at thirty and I didn't think we would ever get to the 70 mark. As soon as someone requests another number we then go ahead and make them. The gi....

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We Love Zines - Life Continues To Be Confusing By Mel Stringer


A couple of years ago I wrote about one of Mel Stringer's Zines called Telephone and Me and said that is was pretty much the perfect zine in my eyes. I was pretty excited to see there was a new one called Life Continues To Be....

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Creative Mornings


A few Fridays ago Gareth and I went along to the Melbourne Creative Mornings Talk by Dr. Amantha Imber.  A few weeks ago I saw this video of Creative Mornings founder Tina Roth Eisenberg talking about success in business....

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A Day At The Show


Last time I went to the Melbourne show the year was 1984 and I went along with my Mum and Nanna as a small child with big dreams of living the carnie lifestyle. For the last few years I have been desperate to go back but some....

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Confusion In The Office


Sometimes we get our worms mixed up.....

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Our Cards Make Kids.....


....vom!We got a message from Lou from Totally Innocent last week letting us know one of our cards was on the new show House Husbands. Although we don't dream of becoming famous on TV we were pretty excited that maybe one of ....

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