Walking Till Your Feet Cry


We woke up this morning feeling tired after our super long flight and decided to cure the jet lag with a day walking till our feet felt faint. We are staying near Prospect Park in Brooklyn (our housemate told us it was design....

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Off we go to the USA. We'll be mobile blogging and this is our test to see it all works okay. Airplane mode needs to go on.....

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The Hugument


Gareth and I came up with this concept the other night. We were discussing ways to "improve" arguments and we decided that the HUGUMENT was the way to do it.This is how it works, during the argument you need to hug the other ....

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Mum And Other Things


Mother's Day this Sunday. We've had some fun designing new cards and remembering that our Thanks For The Lift card was why we started this all in the first place. Our Gosh Darn Mum is also available on Etsy.Eleanor at Kick an....

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Last Friday some magnets we ordered from StickyGram arrived in the post from the UK. I'd heard about them on a blog post I read a while back about different things you could purchase using images from Instagram. I think at th....

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Smelly Cookies Crisps Links


I made these biscuit/cookies from Smitten Kitchen last night just so I could tell people I've cooked a biscuit with potato chips inside. You can see them in the pic above, I also covered them in chocolate just because you can....

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What Type Of Mum Do You Have?


We did this little quiz for our newsletter last month (yeah, we sent it last night just in the nick of time!) and I thought it might be fun to share on the blog. I used my own Mum for the funny Mum ins....

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