Ian And Brody


We started watching Homeland last night and every time Damian Lewis's character Brody came on the screen he reminded me of homeless Ian Beale from Eastenders.Gareth has gone and done a big whoopsie and got me slightly addicte....

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Recipe: Beetroot Salad


Like most Australians born in the '80s I'm a little ashamed to admit that my only understanding of beetroot was the canned variety. Growing up on a farm with a father who had a substantial vegie patch for most of my childhood....

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Day Trip


Last Sunday Gareth and I took an impromptu tram ride to Albert Park to enjoy some sunshine and sea breeze. The tram out the front of our place in Brunswick takes us right to the beach so we jumped on with no real plan on what....

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What Are You Doing This Weekend?


After a few months of having most Sunday's free since July we have a full market schedule this weekend. This Saturday the 8th of September the Sisters Market returns to the Brunswick Town Hall, running from 10am - 4pm and we....

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Jacana Get Better Than You


We have a few new Melbourne cards available and Jacana Get Better Than You is another one. We have been meaning to make this one for a while. I've been using Illustrator a lot more than photoshop recently for card design and ....

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What Is The Deal With Boybands These Days?


I don't watch much reality singing/talent/dancing shows but they seem to be filtering into my world a bit more than usual. They seem to be manufacturing boybands like we manufacture cards (grab six designs that work together ....

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Since we started our Melbourne based cards back in 2009 a few new stations have opened up in Melbourne. Obviously their first priority when naming these stations was thinking long and hard about if it could work on an Able an....

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Round The Studio


The other week I realised we had almost been in our new studio for a long as we were in the old one at the East Brunswick Club. That seems like an eternity ago and I have forgotten the 4 flights of stairs like woman forgets c....

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