The Able And Game Scale


A few weeks back we were waiting for our Thursday afternoon lolz via Three Thousand and this particular afternoon we spent far too long looking at the world that is Arthur Kade. I love people who document areas of their life, particularly when it is quitting your job in finance to make it as an actor in LA. However the content was nowhere near as interesting as all the commentary on him, including our very own Kerry Anne and they kept referencing his 'Kade Scale' for grading woman. We had a look at the scale and thought it was rather funny, so we decided we would do our own Able and Game style system for the men, because it seems unfair that us ladies now know all we need is “stripper” hot appeal that breaths sexuality and class to be a 10. All this time I was kidding myself it was just clean clothes AND hair.

10 - Top Dogs

These guys have it all! Personality, good taste in TV shows and enthusiastically nods when you say you want a kitten and a rabbit. The type of guy who stands out at the frozen food section of the supermarket. He probably has it all, nerdy hot, but also sporty and athletic; he can read and walk at the same time! They have the confidence and style to pull of tiny yellow shorts.

9: Almost there - keep on trying!

These guys are almost there, but they are lacking that je ne sais quoi. They can be easily mistaken for a 10 due to strange hair styles or wacky clothes (including medical equipment) distracting you from their 9-ness. You can date them, but do so with a purpose such as over the winter as a way of keeping warm at night and saving on electricity bills.

8: Okay - not meet your mother material.

Fun for hanging out on a weeknight as only 9s and 10s are worthy of the weekend. These are the guys you share your goon with, not your bottled wine (unless it's half full and floating around your car boot for a few weeks). They can probably only cook Spam from a can and don't even try and impress you the real Spam, they just use that no-name stuff.

7: Okay, facebook friends only.

These are the type of guys that start off okay and you might even be foolish enough to rate them an 8. They are not even able to make up for insufficiant looks with a fun personality and will often bore you with their obsession with things like the slump in the median price of home brand jam. A 7 knows they have something wrong with them so they are often jealous and moody because of this.

6 and under: not worth mentioning.