Wedding Bells - Cherish


This is Cherish, part of our new Wedding Bells range. The range was developed with me sitting in the home studio on the computer and Gareth at work with us both communicating via online messenger. I would send him what I was....

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Able And Game On The Etsy Front Page


Able and Game were on the front page of Etsy last night with one of our new Wedding Bells cards. Even though I've had my own Etsy shop with Anna Laura for over two years and have been on the front page before, it feel like th....

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Do You O Or U?


What do you call your Mum? We did two versions of this card for people who have moms as well as the people who have mums. I remember when I was little and the film "A Mom For Christmas" was on television. I thought it was ....

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Fancy A Dip?


Maybe this card should read: “thanks for scaring me half to death” because I got pretty scared when my Mum did this to me as a child. However I can now swim and don’t have a fear of going for a dip in the ocean, so I ended up....

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Mummy Mcdonalds


Gareth and I worked out that over the years your Mum probably cooked you over 6000 meals. We thought that feat deserved its very own card to say thank you. Gareth said his favourite Mum meal was chicken in white sauce. One....

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Beautiful Birds


I decided four cards was enough to form a range and so Beautiful Birds is now a range. I spent a while playing around with the colours and realised two colour combinations work really well. I think the dark and pale pink....

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Birds, Trees And Mother's Day Glee!


Gareth and I looked in our diary and realised how soon Mother's Day is in the UK and Ireland when you take into account the 7-10 days for cards to arrive on time. While I should be spending all day drawing sweet and charming ....

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What's Next? Mother's Day!


With the sickly feeling of too much chocolate and too much love almost worn off we look forward and ask what is next for Able and Game? Mother's Day is the answer of course. With the special day sprinkled across the year fo....

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