Viking Man


Gareth sent me an email with the idea for this Able and Game card yesterday, his wording as a little different, he suggested "I will conquer your heart" but I thought it sounded a little stalkerish, in a Death Cab For Cutie k....

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Primary Power


This little guy is one of my favourites, despite his unfortunate hairstyle and funny knees. I think it is his eyes, he looks a little sad and shy, but he is rocking the primary coloured outfit pretty well I think. I saw a man....

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Engagement Cards


So my sister is coming up with some good engagement cards, this was her second suggestion. I was thinking about what to have for the image, and thought of the little goldfish in the tank. I asked Hollie if the fishtank was a ....

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So my sister has come into the card designing fold and came up with the idea for this card. I had lots of laughs making the online dating profile and did some research on a few dating sites. I think Gareth and I should make o....

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I got the idea for this card sitting at Rose Street with Hollie (who is my next door neighbour and has the lovely label Hokey) as we say it to each other all the time. I love picking up phrases from friends, because when you'....

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Special Special


This card is part of our Felt Tip Fun range. It is Gareth's favourite range and this card caused a guy at Rose Street to once say "OMG! I hate cards, I never buy them, but this is the best card ever" which kind of made our da....

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Dirt Box


This winter, living in Melbourne seriously made me consider shifting to Brisbane. I remember going to sleep one night clutching two hot water bottles thinking this would never happen in Brisbane. Coincidentally I met Alyssa f....

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She Has Good Taste!


Father's Day in Australia is only days away, and I realised we didn't have a Mum Chose Well card. So I used the same image from the Dad Chose Well card, but made this a little more red, like a Polaroid from January 1975. It i....

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