Our new Able and Game birthday card was an interesting one to make. It didn't involve any drawing, it did involve putting some card under the car tyres and going over them, then putting dirty coffee mugs on the card and other....

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Over the four days Able and Game spent at Design Made Trade we were lucky that we were surrounded by some lovely people. It was nice to have people to have a chat to during some of the quieter periods of time as well as havi....

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Surviving On Sharpie Fumes


The last week has been a bit of a blur and I can't believe it was a week ago I was packing up ready to go to the Carlton Exhibition Buildings to set up for Design Made Trade. The opening night was fantastic fun, especially a....

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Hi Oprah!


Have you ever loved someone so much you had to get up on the couch and jump about? People might think you're weird, but jumping on furniture really is quite a bit of fun so combining it with a declaration of love must make it....

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Dawn Of The ...?


Who doesn't like a Zombie film? Even if you think you don't like them there is always Shaun of the Dead and Fido, both have what I call "friendly zombies", the kind even unfit people can most likely make a getaway from. Just....

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Yellow Peril


The third installment in our range of Melbourne cards. This one is a housewarming card and based on the story of Melbourne's most controversial public art piece, The Vault by Sydney Artist Ron Robertson Swan. Having studied P....

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Fan Our Tweets!


If you're wanting to keep up with Able and Game news you can follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. Twitter has been really handy for getting opinions and ideas from people when I've been designing the cards. When....

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Our Darling Altona!


Gareth and I started brainstorming our second Able and Game Melbourne card. I've often got a rough idea for cards but need to spend time getting the idea just right. Gareth and I often do this idea refining via msn, as we did....

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